Tools and apps that help you organize a more productive day

We are living in a fast and confusing world. Bosses are becoming more demanding by the day and sometimes it is hard to cope with all the difficulties that our work and family life requires. It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate job or you have a startup to run, good organization will definitely make your life easier. Fortunately, there is a whole bunch of different apps and tools that can help you to overcome everyday organizational difficulties and in this article we are going to review some of them.

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This web-based project management tool makes small businesses more productive and bosses more satisfied since 2004. It is made in Ruby on Rails framework and offers to-do lists, file sharing, messaging system, time tracking and milestone management, basically everything in one small company with lots of external associates need.

Personal planner

If you though that advanced technology is going to send organizational tools like this to the museum, you were very wrong. Taking out a fancy compendium at a meeting is one way of showing your professionalism and these leather bundles are not only good for that. They come with various add-ons from pen and notebook to USB flash and magnifying glass. Some companies like Compendium Planet offer branded pieces that can be a perfect corporate gift that you can hand to your business partners on conferences and business meetings.

Sticky Notes

One of the most basic ways not to forget some important day duties. You might not hear your phone alarm, but you are definitely going to see the garish sticky note that’s glued to the fridge.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free application that enables all parties to set up their collaborative schedules. It also can be used as a private application with standard calendar options, plus some other amazing features. It is integrated with Gmail, Google and Google Desktop. Data is stored on Google servers, so in case of hard disk failure, no data will be lost.

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FullContact Card Reader

One of many card readers that you can use for scanning business cards you receive. Instead of carrying all the cards you need in your wallet or losing them in some dusty drawer, with this or some other similar apps you can scan them and convert their information into an iPhone contact.


Another very useful application. It helps you with budgeting by giving you the ability to scan your paper receipts. This way of tracking your expenses is much more efficient than pulling your credit card data, since it also digitize your cash spending information, which can be very hard to count at the end of the month.


This app really do wonders for editing and customizing your email contacts and messages. It is made to collect all of your e mail messages from several inboxes and to rearrange them and repack them into an easy-read format. This application received Webbly award for best visual design last year, and it is one of the most inventive email tools available on the market.

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Free application made for making notes and taking photos of things you don’t want to forget. It is great for shopping and to-do lists and it is much more functional than the regular note applications you can find on your smartphone. On top of everything it is also free.


The most popular email provider that hit one billion installations on Google Play Store in May 2014. This email provider offers you 15GB of free storage and the ability to receive emails from other addresses and email providers into your Gmail inbox.

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