To ensure high website rankings and achieve wide-ranging brand recall in the online space, many modern-day business owners and SEO uses the process called link building. Defined as acquiring external links from relevant websites, link building is one the most effective ways to build your website’s ranking and your brand’s reputation in today’s tightly competitive digital landscape.
Like any other marketing activity, link building requires extensive planning, precise execution, and thorough monitoring and optimization to ensure positive results. Many experts even say that it is the most challenging part of the SEO process, but also the most rewarding one as well. When done right, link building will not only improve the search rankings of your website but also open up a lot of opportunities vital to your company’s growth in the long run, such as partnerships with prominent media websites and relevant companies in your industry.
To sum it up, here are the key takeaways from the info graphic below from Harris Myers which discuss the top link building techniques you should be doing to improve your SEO campaign this year and beyond.

  • Offer charity works
  • Wikipedia links
  • Link reclamation
  • Affiliate link building
  • Info graphics
  • Forum posting
  • Guest blogging
  • Conference sponsor ships


Top Link Building Techniques For B2B Companies

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