View Complex Visitor Behaviors and Events in Google Analytics

Custom Web Tracking Services

We help you monitors, records, and analyze every bit of visitor data and activity that takes place on your website. These monitoring abilities and characteristics used to identify visitors and target them with personally relevant content.

We will help you track your visitor activities on you website. This tracking info can help you make better strategic decision. You can improve you visitor time on site and improve the conversion rate. This custom tracking is not available in your default analytics account and we will add special tracking codes to your website that will track visitor activities. This data can also help you sort out the problems on your site that why visitors are not converting.

If you have a landing page and you want conversion tracking, this is the best solution for this.

  • Count clicks on any button on your website
  • Count clicks on any affiliate link or social media links
  • Clicks on join now and signup button
  • Custom tracking and event tracking
  • E-Commerce tracking
  • Conversion tracking for PPC traffic or others sources

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