Pick the high traffic and low competitive keywords

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword selection is really a critical part of SEO. If you have picked the right keywords it would be much easy to get higher rank in search engine with minimum efforts. If you are a new business then we would recommend you long tail keywords initially. Once you are stable and then you can use the high traffic and low competitive keywords.

We have the ability to perform a complete keyword research process and choose the best keywords for your business. We want to make you sure that our selected keywords will be highly targeted and will improve your conversion rate also.

Our report will give you list of best keywords along with monthly traffic and competition. It will also include the keyword effectiveness for your website. We will also help you using those keywords on different places for your website.

  • Get the list of targeted long tail keywords
  • Highly focused and competitive keywords
  • Get higher rank for high traffic keywords easily
  • Suggestion on how to use them on website
  • See what keywords are best for organic and PPC
  • Tips on how to refine or sort the keyword

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